Mud Strong – obstacle ready!

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The Mud Strong course is ready and waiting

I’m excited and tired – because I’ve finished creating the Mud Strong course for next Sunday’s event. Let me show you around….


This is the new ‘bath time’ obstacle. ¬†You’ll step your through tyres, crawl through the mud and make your way through the bath. Oh, and the course means you’ll have to do this in reverse too.


Here’s one of our net crawls. It’s actually heading down hill, so you’ll have to try not to roll all the way…


It’s a 9ft wall in the middle of your path, and we’ve given you 3 options over it. You’ve got a knotted rope, a straight-up rope, or you can just plain climb it! What would you go for?


Our beloved monkey bars – we’ve talked about before. Remember if it’s cold or wet, its best to wear gloves with grip for these. They get slippery.


Our tyre tunnel crawls are hiding a dirty secret. There’s some muddy ditches along the way!

I could go on. And on. Believe me, I’m an obstacle bore. All in all, there are now 12 built obstacles among the numerous natural ones. Ready to play?


P.S. Mud Strong tickets are available on Eventbrite until 4pm on Wednesday 18th February

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