Making Mud Tracks

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Blood, sweat and tears

As an OCR man, I’d normally substitute the blood in this title to mud. But this week, blood deserves to be left in. Let me explain…

For those of you who know the course, it was created as a gruelling 1km route. In order to offer the opportunity for Mud Strong participants to complete 10km, I’m doubling that route. Now, I know my site well but I donned my walking boots (read trail trainers!) and thoroughly explored the nooks and crannies to work out how I can complement the existing km with an additional one. And I’ve got it, of course. It’s all planned. So…

This past week I’ve hired a flail mower. It’s a mean looking machine that is necessary to cut through all the thick and thorny brambles at the bottom of site. And with the flail mower stretching 1.5m in front me, I hadn’t anticipated just how hands on those brambles would become. Despite wearing gloves, the brambles cut through and sliced my hands and wrists to shreds… I’ve not taken a photo (I’m sure you’re all thankful), but trust me, my six year old daughter was appalled at the state of me when I got home!

So following this start, I took a break to dig a rather deep ditch. This was a very satisfying job. Very manly.

This week, I’m going to line the ditch so it can start collecting water. It’s going to be a new obstacle for you all to wade through on your way to the finish line!

But then I was back to the flail mowing.

At one point yesterday, the brambles simultaneously plucked my hat and gloves from me whilst in the thick of it, so I think you’ll appreciate my tidying it up!

But it’s actually been a very satisfying week, and there is now 1.5km in the course. We’re half way there! And I’m busy planning my next new obstacle…

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