Our Indoor Studio

What you can expect

Our classes are a 45-minute, full body workout. We train indoors and outdoors at the Dorking lawn tennis and squash club depending on the weather and the workout planned.

You can expect to do body weight exercises, cardiovascular exercises, weighted movements, stretching and core specific exercises. This is all crammed into a 45-minute session.

What you get

You’ll get to set your own goals, burn lots of calories and feel energised when you leave each class. And we limit the numbers so you can still get the help and advice you need from your trainer. You also get to train with a wonderful group of like minded, local people all woking to improve their health and fitness.

Reaching your goals

We will assist you in achieving your personal goals by tailoring your training and nutrition to your specific needs. If, for example, you’re trying to loose body fat, we will take your measurements, give you guidance on your nutrition and ensure you’re training in the right way.


At our classes, you’ll notice how positive our clients our. It’s because they’ve seen the results they can achieve by committing to our fitness and nutrition advice. We look forward to sharing this success with you!

We invite you to try any of our indoor classes

Yup, free. Simply fill contact us we’ll get in contact to book you a spot


"The class with brilliant tonight. Makes you feel very comfortable with the exercises - highly recommend!"

− Daisy

"Love this. Really great exercise and always a giggle."

− Liz