Welcome to Natural Fitness Company

We are exhilarating

Exercise makes you feel good, we all know that right? Well we’re here to make sure exercise is fun, exciting and challenging too. We’ve created a timetable of weekly studio classes in addition to a calendar of outdoor events to help you reach your personal goals, whatever they might be.

We care about you

We limit the number of places on any of our sessions or events to ensure the quality of your experience is maximised. You’ll have the camaraderie of an event with the added benefit of a limited edition feel.

We use natural and recycled materials

Love this planet? If you’re like us, you will. When you live somewhere as beautiful as the Surrey Hills, you want to keep this land green and pleasant. Our outdoor obstacle course makes use of fallen trees, logs, soil, sand and the natural contours of the land alongside recycled goods like tractor tyres.

We like juxtaposition

You’ll notice this is a recurring theme. Fitness training meets obstacle course; camaraderie meets limited places; nature meets man-made goods. We hope it’s all enough to give you an experience you’ll want to return to again and again.